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VITO® OILTESTER (technically identical to testo 270)

Ensures the quality of your frying oil and saves cost!

Save cost while frying or fat-backing by an efficient usage of your frying oil / shortening.

  • no quality losses due to used oil
  • no unnecessary costs due to a too early oil change
VITO® Oiltester (TESTO 270) — Save oil and maintain food quality

With the Oiltester, you determine the optimum time for an oil change and you keep the legal limit values without any problems.

  • measures quality and temperature of the frying oil
  • traffic light function
  • easy to read display
  • economic oil usage
  • high quality of fried food
  • quick and reliable measuring result
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • sturdy design

Optimal frying range


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Manual VITO® 30, 50, 80
Short instrn. VITO® 30, 50, 80
Manual VITO® XS, XM
Short instrn. VITO® XS, XM
Short instrn. VITO® Oiltester
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Short instrn. FOM 330
Trainingcard FOM 330
HACCP documentation FOM 330
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